Lilly’s Ether

A band that inspires a warm nostalgia among Lempicka staff. Disbanding in February, 2009, the Brisbane-based ensemble consisting of Hanna Coffey (Vocals), Jon Zagata (Guitar), Jack Harris (Keyboards), Jaxn Lindner (Laptop, Samples, Keys, Guitar), Daniel Pitman (Bass) and Andy Maybury (Drums) defied genre specific definition and strove to express themselves freely within the increasingly ambivalent music scene..

.Awash with layered guitars, digitally enhanced drums, eloquent strains of piano, compounding bass, a touch of synth and a tender vocal delivery; Lilly’s Ether brought synaesthesia upon the unsuspecting listener. Rising from the ashes of Cloud Vegas, it was a short lived union for the sextet; their tenure as a group lasting only 12 months. The release of their début, self-titled EP heralded the end for Lilly’s Ether and served as a parting gift for their fans, by whom they are sorely missed.

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