Media Release: Screen debut for Brisbane Band

Brisbane, Australia – January 28th, 2011 – Innovative five-piece Brisbane band, screens, will be unveiling their trademark multimedia live show with a much anticipated debut performance at Fortitude Valley’s The Globe Theatre on Friday 11th of February.

The brain-child of founding members Jaxn Lindner and Kate O’Sullivan, screens combines ambient progressive post-rock sound scapes with multimedia elements to produce live tapestries of audio and visual storytelling. Jaxn and Kate are joined by fellow musicians Leon Rodgers, Scott Brunyus and Dave Fincher performing the foundation of the show while accompanied by pre-filmed scenes and other visual stimuli.

The technical aspects of bringing music and film together relies on a series of laptop computers and specialised software. “A laptop on stage controls audio and will send data to another laptop off-stage which handles the visuals,” says guitarist and sound wizard Jaxn Lindner. “ This laptop will be manned by our friend and cinematographer Toci, and is connected to the projector.”

Marking the evening as a virtual showcase of Brisbane’s indie music scene, local bands Sunshine Ensemble, Big Dead and Simone Pitot & The Albums will be taking to the stage as support acts for the show. “We are good friends with the other bands in the line up, and it will be the first gig of the year for all of us, so anything could happen,” says vocalist Kate O’Sullivan. “The energy and enthusiasm should be abundant on stage and hopefully this will be infectious and involve everyone in the venue.”

After months of intense rehearsal, the band is feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation as the date draws nearer. Bass guitarist Leon Rodgers admits that “we all know what to expect at a first gig, but none of us have ever done something like this before. It will be interesting to see how we handle the normal problems you run into in a live situation, with the added dimension of live visuals.”

screens make their debut on Friday 11th of February at The Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are now on sale both online and at the venue for $12, with a special discount available for 4ZZZ subscribers.

The band invites one and all to attend what promises to be a unique show where the audience will be immersed in rich tapestries of sight and sound, making an enigmatic journey that aims to redefine the boundaries of live music and cinema. Percussionist Scott Brunyus says “we are all so passionate about what we do and are pumped to share the stage and the evening with old and new friends.”

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